Event Topics

Engage EMEA 2017: Breakout Session Topics

We will be covering the following topics at this year’s conference and details of the sessions will be published on our agenda over the coming months.

  • Authentication and Compliance: Improve the security of interactions, enhance compliance with regulations, and mitigate risk with solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s organizations.
  • Back-Office Operations: Gain visibility and actionable intelligence into work, people, and processes to help drive improvements in productivity, efficiency, throughput, turnaround times, quality, and compliance.
  • Branch Operations: Leverage technology beyond traditional staff forecasting, planning, and scheduling to transform your face-to-face channel and empower employees to deliver a quality customer experience.
  • Desktop Analytics, Automation, and Robotics: Gain visibility into desktop activity and automate tasks and processes to enhance compliance and improve efficiency, quality and customer service.
  • Employee Engagement: Empower employees and help them deliver exceptional service via solutions for the desktop, case management, gamification, knowledge management, mobile workforce, and voice of the employee surveys.
  • Engagement Channels: Deliver service effectively across channels, data, and processes to improve the overall customer journey.
  • Government (State/Local): Help state and local government and other public services enhance performance, customer service, and the overall quality of citizen interactions.
  • Voice of the Customer – Feedback: Intelligently capture the voice of the customer to deliver a differentiated customer experience.
  • Voice of the Customer – Speech: Discover insights from customer calls and use them to understand trends and opportunities—and drive better decisions.
  • WFO – Quality and Performance Management: Enhance employee skills and behaviors to meet performance goals and deliver exceptional service.
  • WFO – Workforce Management: Plan, forecast, and schedule to meet service goals efficiently across the enterprise while effectively balancing the needs of customers, employees, and the organization.

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